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Today is Nov 13, 2019
Louis Loh 罗伟泉
Associate Group Director
CEA Licence No.:
L3008022J / R024672J
Call (+65) 9067 2143



Geylang/Kallang/Whampoa HDB Team

Powerful Negotiators The No 1 Team in PropNex
Your Preferred Choice in Geylang/Kallang/Whampoa

HOTLINE: Call/SMS/Whatsapp +65 9067 2143

There are generally over 100 HDB properties on Sale at any moment in Geylang/Kallang/Whampoa all the time. Moreover, units could be sold overnight and there could be just too many to view and too much hassle to arrange viewing with agents. With the Most Detailed Listings in Geylang/Kallang/Whampoa, we can provide you with the following


Arrange all your viewings, you don't have to call and arrange with dozens of agents anymore! Give us Your available time for viewing, we will pack units that are chosen according to Your criteria, e.g. Haig Road, unblock units, mid floor and above, corner units, budget etc. With our vast experience, we will arrange viewing for you back-to-back. View 5-10 property in a week rather than half the amount in a month. We will keep you Updated on Market Trends and New Listings. Spent your quality time with your family or work and not squander them digging through the internet or newspaper, trying to arrange viewings.


We have been working in Geylang/Kallang/Whampoa for quite a while (8 years), we do our Ground Research and provide you with an Up-to-date situation, e.g. pricing, market value etc. With our Extensive Experience, we will do our very best to help you get the Choice Home at the Right Price! You don't have to be an expert to buy the Right Property at the Right Price; you just need a Good Advisor to help you with the negotiation process!


Buying and Selling needs to tie down with Time Schedule and be aligned to HDB ever-changing policies. Overlooking some part of it may just get you into legal trouble or worst ending up having to sleep in the street! When you Engage US as your specialist, we will do everything to give you the Best Buying/Selling experience; you don't have to worry on missing documents nor misrepresentation.


Overpriced properties are not worth buying, nor will they fly off the shelve in seconds. We will help you to Achieve the Best price for YOUR Property be it as a Buyer or a Seller, we are here for you!


From Financial Planning to actually getting the Housing Loan to settling all the Paperwork, let us run the footwork for you. We help our clients to deal with bankers, source for contractors, movers and occasionally even cater for your house-warming!!! To others, these are value added services, to us, it is part our job and we love it!

, let us Arrange all your viewings for YOU!

Sellers, let us Achieve towards YOUR Desired Price!

Speak to us and find out how we can serve you!
Let us be your Eyes and Ears in Geylang/Kallang/Whampoa



Powerful Negotiators The No 1 Team in PropNex

Your Preferred Choice in Geylang/Kallang/Whampoa

Louis Loh 
Your Preferred Real Estate Partner

HOTLINE: Call/SMS/Whatsapp +65 9067 2143


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